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Congratulations on your engagement! 


Here’s how booking with me works:

Email for availability and answer the following questions about your big day!

Let’s talk details (as much as possible!) 

What services are you looking for?

How many people are in your party?

Where are you getting ready?

What time do you need to be ready by?

Will you need touch ups throughout the day?


After confirming the availability, I would love to have a phone, facetime, or in-person conversation with you to get to know you. 


I take limited amounts of weddings per year because being a part of your special day is very important to me and being a good personality match is equally if not, more important! Please note that I do not take more than one bridal party per day so we have time to shift things around if needed. 


A non-refundable $150.00 deposit is required to secure the date. The deposit will go towards the service on the day of the actual event. As soon as the deposit is received, you will receive a calendar confirmation for the day of your wedding!


I am able to bring assistants with me for larger parties. Anyone working with me will have almost identical style of services.


Trial appointment are strongly suggested, especially if we have never met before. Some people prefer to do a trial for engagement photos and some people have a trial 3 months before the wedding. It is a personal preference and I’m happy to help you figure out which is the best option. Having all the details for your big day far in advance is really tricky so please know we can work together and create a schedule for you and your bridal party – I am here to help. 


Please let me know if you have any questions. 


I look forward to hearing from you! 


Many hugs,



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