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Makeup, hair, and beauty consulting


    Ksenia is a Vancouver based hair and makeup artist. She has an artistic eye and has always been passionate about all forms of art that led her to receive a BA in art history. Her love of makeup artistry started during childhood and stayed with her throughout university when she realized it was her main passion. Ksenia proceeded to receive her global makeup training from Blanche Macdonald and throughout the years she taught herself how to style hair.

  Paired with her ability to enhance your beauty, Ksenia’s style of work varies from really natural to soft glam. She strives to make her clients look effortless without looking too done up. She loves to keep the energy up while being mindful and bringing a certain level of professionalism to all her jobs. Ksenia looks at her job as a collaboration between her and her clients – she works together with them to achieve a certain vision using her skills. Ksenia has an outstanding ability to translate her clients' wishes into reality.


   Ksenia’s main scope of work currently is headshots for actors and businesses, fashion campaigns, events, and bridal. She loves educating and sharing her skills, which she gets to do in her role as a hair instructor at a local college. She also offers private consulting for clients who require more knowledge in their self-care routine. 



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