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1. The Set Up


Please have a chair and a clean surface such as a kitchen counter, a large bathroom vanity, a table, or a desk for the artist to set up a station.


The artist is not responsible to clear off any client’s personal items, please make sure to do so before the arrival.


If you are worried about any surfaces please place a clean towel before the arrival. The artist will bring a medium size ring light and an extension cord for the hot tools.

2. The Prep



Do not use new product on your face or hair to avoid any surprises.


Please wash your hair the day before your appointment, hair needs to have some natural oils in order to hold a curl well. If you need to wash your hair daily, please follow your routine.


Unless discussed prior to your appointment please make sure your hair is fully dry.


Clip-in extensions are amazing - just let us know pre appointment so we delegate extra time


If pimples appear please do not pick at them, apply pimple spot treatment (that you have tried before).


Please apply your day-time skincare routine 15 minutes - 90 minutes before your appointment.


If you prefer to use certain product of your own please have it with you.


If you do not wish to use false lashes and would like to have a full mascara look please bring your own mascara. Due to sanitary reasons only disposable mascara wands are used. Unfortunately, disposable mascara wands will not provide the same full look as the use of the actual wand.

3. The Application



Don’t worry, we are here simply to enhance your beauty - the artist will check-in plenty of times throughout the application.


Please note the artist have multiple clients each day and each client gets a certain amount of time.


Please allow 10 minutes for set up.

During the services please avoid getting up to preform personal errands. It is very hard to preform timely service when artist's process is interrupted.


Please avoid using phone as much as possible during the makeup application as it makes the application longer and more difficult for the artist.


The artist will provide a basic touch up kit.

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